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Collection of Useful Resources for Webmasters

Web Elements is a premier collection of resources for webmaster, search engine marketers and others interested in online marketing.

Web Elements is designed to help both beginner webmasters and experienced search marketers. We have compiled lists of useful resources and submission sites.

We have compiled a collection of resources from Search Engine Optimization, Press Release Submissions, DoFollow Lists, Webmaster Scripts, Webmaster Blogs, and Forums.

Feel free to send us any suggested additions.

Free Press Releases Webmaster Tips and Information

1. Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is not a one time deal, its a constant process. While it is time consuming it brings "free" organic traffic over a long period of time. Most webmasters feel SEO to be one of the best internet marketing investments.

2. The Web is Interactive
The Internet is interactive, in order to gain attention you must participate. This requires new content, blog posting, social bookmarking and forum posting. Participate to gain attention. Build a community around your product or service.

3. Search Marketing and Internet Marketing
Search marketing and Internet marketing is constantly changing. Monitor traffic and learn what works for the product or service that you are promoting it may change.

4. Initial Impressions
Initial impressions matter, you have a very short amount of time to capture the interest of your website visitors. Make that time count!

5. Webmaster Tools
There are a large number of resources available to webmasters to automate processes and make everything from web design to dynamic content creation easier. Do not be afraid to adapt to new technology especially if it saves time and money!


Web Design Elements
Themed CD collections containing web templates, stock photos and logos for designers.

Create RSS Feeds
Software for webmasters to create and edit RSS feeds and podcasts.

Web Templates Web Templates
Collection of HTML web templates and CSS files for webmasters.

Webmaster Resources

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